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Tuning car
We can supply you with a high-quality, fun-to-make, custom paper fold-up model - for use as give-aways, promotional items, architectural models, Christmas ornaments, gifts, or for resale. We will meet any design challenge!
Call for an instant quote... 512-892-3677

Your suggestions and comments are important!
Suggestion a way you prefer to buy performance parts for your tuning car.

This is the way to emprove our web site to give to you all you need in the way you want.

Take the Tuning Car Challenge!
I can make models of anything! Just contact us and tell us what you want. I'll put it on the "to-do" list. Give me a real challenge!



tuning car

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Italian Tuning: on line shop of exclusive Auto Body Parts Accessory Spoilers Car Body Kits Part, great looks, car racing, real show-stopper accessories, blue lights, italian designer clothing, unique italian design, sports brake pads, brakepads, engine parts, car performance parts, Ferodo Racing brake pads and brake fluid, suitable for road and competition use, off-road rally use, track racing use.

Welcome to the car tuning auto styling and performance site with photos from modified car shows, exhaust, suspension and brake systems&nbsp; producers and many more.

tuning car air filters

bmc performance air filters

pipercross performance air filters

Green filters - performance cotton air filters

Alessio alloy wheels - number 1 in tuning

Italian Tuning alloy wheels chrome

OZ Racing alloy wheels

Momo italian alloy wheels

Tuning car lexus lights

Toora Italian alloy wheels

High performance gauges

Gauges with LEDs

Autometer Rev Counter Shiftlight

New VDC gauges

Carzone Tuning Car Body Kits

Undercover Tuning Car Body Kits Spoilers

Italian Tuning Car Body Kits

Ferodo Racing performance brake pads

Ferodo high performance brake pads

Ferodo Racing brake pads for street and sports use

High prformance brakes by Brembo

High performance brake kits

Body kits custom production tuning

Car body kits limited produciton tuning

Car tuning performance - clutch assembly tuning

Car tuning performance - HDI sintered clutch kit

Car tuning performance - JTD sintered clutch kit

Car tuning performance - Sintered clutch plates

Ferodo Racing brakepad performance

Pagid replacement brake pads

Lexus lights - Audi tail lights

Lexus lights - BMW tail lights

Lexus lights - Fiat tail lights

Lexus lights - Ford tail lights

Lexus lights - Peugeot tail lights

Lexus lights - Seat tail lights

Lexus lights - Volkswagen tail lights

Red blue yellow silicon hoses

Samco Sport silicon hoses

Powerflex polyurethane suspension bushes


Technical characteristics: standard silicon hose is reinforced with 3 - 4 ply polyester and has a temperature range of -50° to +170°C. This makes it suitable for both turbo and water applications. Should higher temperatures be required we use other materials for reinforcement. Generally polyester covers most car applications.
They are necessary for all the tuners who want to guarantee a prompt reaction and long life. These hoses are available in single packages with different diameters and in kits. Silicon Hoses Catalogue


New Addition: body kit

New Addition: body kit
Rear wind spoilers

New exclusive models from Italian Tuning

now from:
€ 66.46
Rear wind spoilers
Special offers on spoilers. Large choice of tuning spoilers for the main car brands. Each spoiler comes with a complete mounting kit (screws, special glue, positioning templates and instructions).

Absolutely impressive! Easy opening assisted by gas springs. Installable in 1 hour without modifications to doors or body.

The vertical door kit has no influence on the tuning car structure or safety. The installation consists in replacing the door hinges with the kit assembly, and you can revert to the original hinges at any time.

Special offers on spoilers. Large choice of tuning car spoilers for the main car brands. Each spoiler comes with a complete mounting kit (screws, special glue, positioning templates and instructions).

Hard-wearing, heat-proof spoilers. Made from polyurethane (PU RIM) mould injection using the highest standards in manufacturing. Each spoiler is finished to perfection with a layer of primer and covered with plastic film for shipping.


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